MyFry is the iPhone app edition of The Fry Chronicles, Stephen Fry's second autobiography.

This project was initiated by Jeremy Ettinghausen at Penguin. I designed the 'visual index' graphics, and Dare Digital made it interactive and created everything else (ie the most important parts).

This iPhone app functions as a 'visual index' 
of key theme tags within the book, all of which have been divided into 4 major groups: People, Subjects, Emotions, and 'Fryisms'.

The entirety of the book is represented by
a circular wheel of 'spines', each of which represents a section of text. The arcs around the outside of the wheel connect sections that are tagged with the same theme.

Through interacting with the scroll wheel, the user can explore the text and read sections in chronological order, by theme, or in any order he or she chooses. As Stephen Fry's autobiography was written in a style that was suited to splitting the text into separate moments in Fry's life, the visual index offers the reader a different way of engaging with this book.

This project won the Mobile App category at the Guardian Digital Innovation Awards 2011 and was included in the 2011 D&AD Awards book.