Inch-time – The Floating World

Inch-time – The Floating World 

Stefan Panczak, who makes music under the name Inch-time, invited me to design both the logo for his label Mystery Plays Records as well as the artwork for his album The Floating World

We both decided early on that the data found within the album’s songs would be used to create the final artwork for the album. However, instead of directly using the songs’ computer files as the starting point for the visuals, the data was gathered from the songs by how they are meant to be experienced: through listening.

With headphones, pencil and paper, I marked down the samples in the songs that particularly stood out to me, drew their journey up and down the musical scale, and counted the number of times these samples occurred in their songs. Using this information, I created a pencil ‘song mandala’ for each track. Therefore, all the artwork for the album is derived from my particular experience of listening and re-listening (and re-listening some more) to the songs on the album itself.

Shown below is a two-colour screen printed poster that I created for Mystery Plays Records in honour of the release of the Inch-time album The Floating World. The poster was created using components of the album artwork. Edition of 50.