I’ve been trying to get my trilogy published for a long time, but this is my first book I’ve tried to get published and agents don’t seem to want to support a 17 year old author. I was thinking of just self publishing for my first book. What are the benefits of this? In what ways is it more difficult? I’m just looking for some personal taste.



Many of the self-publishing companies I have seen seem to offer less than 30% royalties. Is this normal or can I expect more? What company offers the best royalties after what I have put in? Thanks


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My thinking is that if someone is in it for profit, or to reach a large audience, how would they be able to accomplish this through self publishing if they didn’t already know a lot of people? Even if your work is good, and you are talented, how is anyone going to know if you’re not being represented or produced by a reputable agency or publisher? Thoughts?



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Unlike some other authors, I would actually like to start self-publishing. I know it’s much harder work then just giving a copyrighted manuscript to an editor and then sending it off to a publishing company, but I would just like to give it a go alone before looking into that route.

Any tips? I already know that I need to submit a completed manuscript to the Library of Congress for a fee.



What are the benefits/drawbacks of self publishing. That is, what do publisher’s offer that you won’t get through self-publishing.