Instead of a shopfront (one day it'll happen, I promise) here are links to a selection of sites where I currently sell my work: 

Writing Without Words

I sell unsigned, non-editioned prints of this project on-demand through Imagekind (based in the US). Click on the links below to be taken directly to the best configuration for each print (they automatically add framing to the price, so just remove this). 

All prints are configured to print on the least expensive paper (Enhanced Matte). Feeling flush? Then select the UltraSmooth Fine Art paper instead: 

Literary Organism (48 x 36 in.)

Rhythm Textures (48 x 36 in.)

Sentence Drawings Poster (48 x 36 in.)

First Chapters (32 x 24 in.)

Sentence Length (32 x 24 in.)

Highlighted Pages (32 x 24 in.)

Walter Benjamin: Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

A limited-edition art print for the affordable art website 20x200.

Purchase here