Measuring Kraftwerk

Measuring Kraftwerk

£35 + p+p
2-colour litho print (the yellow is fluorescent) on Challenger Offset (300gsm)
Dimensions: 915 x 700mm 
Signed edition of 200

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25% of all profits will go to Ganet's Adventure Fund, a registered charity supporting a small primary school in Northern Malawi.

Originally produced for a friend's club night, I was interested in working with an obsolete technology that we all have fond memories of: the cassette tape. After recording a song, the song becomes an object with a specific length. Through this conversion to an object, time and sound become tangible. I chose to work with Kraftwerk's 'Computer World' album because it praises the future of technology in a way that seems dated now. This album seemed an appropriate way to represent the lost feeling of excitement of the cassette tape as a new technology. The poster's winding maze, when travelled, represents the exact length of tape needed to record this album – 51.625 metres. If the path is cut from the poster, and left to hang in an tangled strip to the floor, one is able to touch a tangible representation of the length of tape needed to record the album.

Photo of Ganet (the school's namesake) by Steve McInerny