How is the best way to start the self-publishing process?


Unlike some other authors, I would actually like to start self-publishing. I know it’s much harder work then just giving a copyrighted manuscript to an editor and then sending it off to a publishing company, but I would just like to give it a go alone before looking into that route.

Any tips? I already know that I need to submit a completed manuscript to the Library of Congress for a fee.




I guess once you have a complete book, search online or locally for businesses that provide that service. Find the best one for the best price for your requirements. That’s about all I can think of if I was going to do that.


When i did a writing course a few years ago they told us to talk to bookshops to see if they would stock self-published books. Also having your own website allows you to sell your book as an ebook. People can download part of your book and then they pay for the rest once your readers are hooked. Using social media works for some people to self-promote. Depending on your books target age group you can do visits and hold reading sessions at some libraries, schools and colleges. Public speaking on the topic of your book.

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