What are the benefits of self publishing?


I’ve been trying to get my trilogy published for a long time, but this is my first book I’ve tried to get published and agents don’t seem to want to support a 17 year old author. I was thinking of just self publishing for my first book. What are the benefits of this? In what ways is it more difficult? I’m just looking for some personal taste.



The Writer

If by a “long time” you mean more than five years then I can understand your frustration. But since teens are notoriously impatient, a long time is likely to be around a year, maybe two at best.

It’s not your age holding you back. It’s likely your writing that is or that agents simply have no interest in your particular manuscript because they cannot market it at this time. What I want to know is why you are so impatient about getting published to the point of wanting to go the self-published route.

It’s fine to want to get your work out there but there are ways to do it that don’t involve self-publishing. You can start a blog, use sites like Wattpad, or join forums and critique groups. Right now you might think you have an amazing piece of writing but it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s not that great. Self-publishing something that is merely ho-hum is not something you want to do.

Put publishing of any kind aside for now and spend time writing something new. Self-publishing is hard and doesn’t result in much success for most writers. You are better off writing something new and waiting a few more years before seeking publication again.


To answer your question, you control the rights of your work, you can get it to people safety, as it is copy written, so you don’t have to worry to much about someone stealing your idea’s, and you get to control your own destiny so to speak. It doesn’t not guarantee you success, and like the others said is really hard. At the same time you can give your work to people and get some great feedback to help you with your writing, right away, without having to go through a middle man you can go from manuscript directly to the public. With that said publishers are the best way to get your work out to a larger audience unless you already have a large fan base, or are famous, or have your own television show or something.

Steven J Pemberton

Benefits of self-publishing. (1) Control. (2) (If you do it right and you’re lucky) More money than the same book would earn with a traditional publisher.

Literary agents don’t care how old you are. They care whether you’ve written something that they can sell to a publisher for a stack of money. If you haven’t been able to attract any interest for your book, it’s almost certainly because they didn’t think you met the standard required for the stack of money.

Has your book been workshopped, or reviewed by a critique group? If so, did the other people in the group say they thought it was worth publishing? If you can answer yes to both, you might get somewhere with self-publishing. If not, you’re just setting yourself up for more frustration and disappointment – poor sales and few or no reviews. Self-publishing is a way to shortcut the publishing process, not the learning-to-write-a-great-book process.


The only benefit of self publishing is that it would be inflicted on fewer people.

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