What are the differences between a vanity press and self publishing?


My thinking is that if someone is in it for profit, or to reach a large audience, how would they be able to accomplish this through self publishing if they didn’t already know a lot of people? Even if your work is good, and you are talented, how is anyone going to know if you’re not being represented or produced by a reputable agency or publisher? Thoughts?




In my mind there is no difference, just wordage.
Vanity press was in vogue before wordage Self published,
I heard even another wordage, but it escapes my mind at this moment.
It’s a choice, if affordable see nothing wrong with self publishing.
But certainly much more rewarding, in more ways then one, if one is accepted to be published.


Here’s probably the main difference today. With all the e-readers out there, it’s much easier for people to publish books. Digital self-publishing can actually make you some money (not much mind you but the chance is there). With vanity press or if you self-published print books, you likely are the one paying to see your name on the cover. I think self-publishing is going through a bit of a revival on the digital side. There is still a great need for editing, and there’s a lot of garbage going out to the market, but that will likely self-correct over time. So, I think there’s starting to be a change that is driving those two terms apart though it’s in its infancy.

Lapiz Dominoes

The term`vanity publishing` is becoming a misnomer.
Certainly I have known poets who have self-published as their work`s not in vogue..
once published, a writer can then have an audience to appreciate the genre/ style
then publish more and maybe make money- a lot relies upon individual reasons and upon motivation.
No worthwhile publishing-house will publish sheer tra-la- ta-a, as they have a clientele`s status and
their own good reputation to uphold.
A limited quantity-publishing can still be sold via `Amazon` a few sales
starts the review-ball/ interest globally, rollling.
A few self-publishing digital, on-line blogs are in fact, excellent value
and furnish a first-time-publishing author possible illustators if needed, with a network and
with other literary contacts
as well as step-by-step support and choices..

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