What is the common or best percentage royalties I can expect from self-publishing?

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Many of the self-publishing companies I have seen seem to offer less than 30% royalties. Is this normal or can I expect more? What company offers the best royalties after what I have put in? Thanks


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Steven J Pemberton

All the self-publishing companies I’d care to do business with let the author set the price.

For print, CreateSpace and Lulu have a minimum price for your book, based on trim size, binding type and page count. They take that much of the retail price whenever someone orders a copy of your book, and pay you whatever’s left over.

For ebooks, Amazon pay you 35% of the retail price, or 70% if the price is between $ 2.99 and $ 9.99. Smashwords pays 85% of the retail price for sales on their own site, or (I think) 60% for sales through a retail partner.

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